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Contacts can be viewed, changed and created in the menu [CONTACTS].

In Verpura there are contacts, contactpersons and actions. One contact can represent a company, a society, a family or a single person. At least there should be one contactperson for each contact to communicate with. The communication is saved as actions in Verpura. One action is always assigned to one contactperson. And a contactperson is always assigned to a contact.

The selling process can be shown with the CRM pyramid.

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Figure: Contacts Overview

With the contact overview you can see all your saved contacts. Generally we differ between customer, supplier, customer and supplier, other, interested and employee. With the filteroption on the right side above the table you can search after this contactcategories. In the overview table you can see the state of the different contacts. And in the last column you can delete single contacts if you want. At the top of the page there are two buttons for creating a new contact and export contacts. Go down to see a more detailed description for this functions.

The function contact in Verpura allows you to manage your contacts easily and to link them with information and files. Linkable data are for example images. The function contact is for several modules of great importance, because data will be assigned to contacts or contact persons.

Tipps: Almost all tables in Verpura can be searched using search box. Note that also part terms will be found in Verpura, it means that when you have the term “Mustermann” in a row in the table and it will be found through the search keyword “Muster”, “mann” or “usterma”.


Figure: Extended search

By clicking on “Extended search” you can limit Verpura only to search specific columns of the table in the opening box. You only need to select the columns. And using the Control-Key(Ctrl), a multiple selection is possible.

You can also sort the table by clicking one of the column headers. By first click the column will be sorted in ascending and with a second click it will be in descending.


Figure: Column headers

At the end of the table, you also have the option to export the contents of the table as CVS, Excel, XML or PDF.You can export the data from a table in Verpura and then import into other programs or edit it in Excel, etc.


Figure: Export data

Create a new contact

Add New Contact DE

Figure: mask to create a new contact

To create a new contact go to “create contact” in the menu [contacts]. Then it is necessary, to fill in the information which are marked with asterisks, which include name, address and status of the customer. In addition, you can add information like phone, fax and e-mail at “more information” if desired. The specification of the bank connection of the contact is also possible.

kontakte export

Figure: export of contacts

If you want to export contacts of Verpura, go to contacts and there to “export contacts”. Subsequently you can choose which kind of contacts you want to export (for example suppliers, customers and suppliers, etc.). Additional filters enable the exact specification of your export. It is for example your choice to export customer with a specific postal code or customer, which come from a specific state.

Payment conditions

You have different possibilities to manage the payment conditions like the due date of invoices, discounts or allowances.


The most general payment conditions can be managed in the menu [General] – [Properties] in the fieldset „Payment modalities“:

1 einstellungen


Additionally you can define special payment conditions for every contact. To do this open the slidebox „payment conditions“ in the menu [Contacts] – [Overview].

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In this slidebox you can also define that this contact gets a discount on a specific product category.

Verpura takes the payment conditions you set in the properties as default payment conditions for new contacts.


You have the possibility to define the discount on the total sum of an offer at the bottom of the page in the fieldset “sums”:


Additionally you can define a discount for every offer line:


Do not forget to save your changes with the save button on the right side.


You can adjust the payment conditions for every project. Click on a project in the menu [Projects] – [Overview] and enter them in the fieldset „Payment conditions“:

3 projekte

Verpura takes the payment conditions you set for the contact as default payment conditions for new projects. These paymentconditions apply to the total sum of all invoices created for this project.

Project bookings

Additionally you have the possibility to define a discount for every product or service booked on this project.

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You have the possibility to enter a fixed discount or a discount in percent. Do not forget to save your changes with the save button on the right side.


When you create an invoice (LINK) you have the possibility to ultimately adjust the payment conditions. You can do this in the fieldset “limitations”:

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The default payment conditions are taken from the project settings when you create an invoice from a project, from the contact settings when you create an customer invoice and from the properties when you create an invoice for a cashsale.