Services are there to invoice provisions of services. One service can be booked in an offer, an invoice, a credit, a project etc. A timebooking is a service with a certain start and end. Every service has a hourly rate. With timebookins or booked services you can specify exactly what was achieved. Last but not least, a service can also be part of an partslist.

Services can be considered, changed and new created in the menu [projects] - [services]:


Figure: Services Overview

Tipps: Almost all tables in Verpura can be searched using search box. Note that also part terms will be found in Verpura, it means that when you have the term “Mustermann” in a row in the table and it will be found through the search keyword “Muster”, “mann” or “usterma”.


Figure: Extended search

By clicking on “Extended search” you can limit Verpura only to search specific columns of the table in the opening box. You only need to select the columns. And using the Control-Key(Ctrl), a multiple selection is possible.

You can also sort the table by clicking one of the column headers. By first click the column will be sorted in ascending and with a second click it will be in descending.


Figure: Column headers

At the end of the table, you also have the option to export the contents of the table as CVS, Excel, XML or PDF.You can export the data from a table in Verpura and then import into other programs or edit it in Excel, etc.


Figure: Export data

Services can then be used subsequently in many places in Verpura - for example to provide the work hours in an offer, to bill the work hours to an invoice, to be able to enter timebookings to a project and much more. The hourly rate will be assumed as an accounting unit per hour. However, this can be not changed specific at invoices, offers etc. The costs serve as the basic for the calculation of the own costs at the post calculation of projects. The sales tax rates will be adjusted in [start] – [master data]. If you have a new Verpura-access, the sales tax rates are already predefined for your country. You can only choose the tax rate of the applied tax rates. However, adding a new tax rate is possible.

The masks for altering and new adding a service look like this:

leistung anlegen aendern

Figure: mask to modify and add service

At the altering mask, the intrasystem service number and the time when this dataset was saved the least will be displayed. In Verpura all changes will be recorded – like this it is possible to spot out as needed afterwards who, when, what was altered. When creating a new service, a link to the homepage of the federal ministry of finance will be displayed where legal explanations to the different tax rates will be shown. A service can only be deleted as long as it was not already in use. If a service will be changed, it only operates on new entered services. Invoices, offers etc. where the service was used before will no longer be changed.

In the following image, you can see on the left side how a service will be accounted to an offer by the shopping cart feature and on the right side, how a service is added to an invoice:

leistung verrechnen

Figure: how a service will be accounted to an offer and how a service is added to an invoice

Right of the invoice it is divided in two steps because there can be exceptions which then will be shown in the second step.

Tax rates:

In Verpura, the common tax rates are already predefined. If you need special tax rates, you can easily change them at [START] – [CORE DATA] at the task “task rates”:


Figure: taxes

With one click at the loupe right beside a special tax rate, you can change this tax rate. With the button “new tax rate”, a new tax rate can be created.

Free services:

It is also possible to enter free services – these are services, which are used only once. They can be created directly in an offer or at an invoice. Subsequently, they are like normal services – the own different is, that they not appear in the service overview. Like that, the service overview, time-entry-mask etc. are not filled with entries, which are used only once.

Time bookings:

Time bookings are established from a service and a project:

leistung zeitbuchung

Figure: mask to add new timebooking

Therefore is also a stopwatch that can be started at the front page of Verpura. Furthermore, a Windows program and a Windows8 app can be downloaded via the Verpura website. The Windows program and the Windows8 app cache also the inputs if there is no internet connection available. In scheduling is, that the Android- and iOS-apps are also being extended with this features.


Figure: Stop watch

Coming soon, the Android and iOS apps will be extended also to provide this functionality.