Our corporate philosophy:

„ Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? ”
“ That depends a good deal on where you want to get to. ”
“ I don't  care much where.”
“ Then it doesn't much matter which way you go. ”
“ ...So long as I get somewhere. ”
“ Oh, you're sure to do that, if only you walk long enough. ”

(from Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland)

A clear vision and strategic goals are the pillars for the development of a company.
We need to know what we want to achieve in order to take the necessary steps.

We don't just want to produce software, we want to support our customers with solutions that deliver significant added value. Due to the size of our company, we can react flexibly to customer wishes and derive the right requirements from them.

Proximity to the customer, our many years of experience and our sound know-how in planning and development are the cornerstones on which our success is built. We regard the work on customer satisfaction as part of our continuous quality assurance. We focus on the dialogue with our customers.

Our success is based on our well-founded know-how in planning and creating individual software solutions.

Verpura GmbH was founded in 2004 as "Ing. Florian Gumpinger Software". In 2010 the company was refounded to a limited called Verpura GmbH.

From the beginning, the company's purpose was the creation of individual software solutions - for customers from various sectors.

In 2005 we started to develop our own cloud-based complete software solution Verpura for small businesses.

In 2009 we were nominated for the product Verpura for the German Innovation Award IT of the Initiative Mittelstand at the CeBIT. This award was given to us because we had the first pure cloud-based ERP solution for small businesses on the market.

In 2012 we were awarded the German Innovation Prize IT of the Initiative Mittelstand at CeBIT as an excellent product.

2015 we opened our registered office in Ukraine - so from Lviv and other ukrain cities we create it-services for our customers.

2016 we opened our registered office in Kosovo - so from Pristina we create it-services for our customers.

Working in times of Covid is no new situation for us - also before we had many developers working from at home etc. ... finding here individual solutions for our staff is part of our strategy.

2021 we also help a asian company in bringing there product to Europe.

Since October 2021 we also have an developer from Pakistan working for a customer in Germany.

We, therefore, have many man-years of project experience in the creation of cloud-based solutions for companies.