The cashbook can be called in the menu [Accountings] – [Cash on Hand]:


Figure: Cashbook Overview

The integrated cashbook in Verpura provides all needed functions for leading a lawful cash. With less clicks a new cashbook entry will be created. All relevant information can be added online, below the amount, the invoice date and the invoice text. The cashbook is like the logbook unalterable, to meet the current regulations. Wrong entries can be canceled. An appropriate function is available, through a click on a single receipt. The cancellations are subsequently traceable. On request, Verpura can create a summary of the cashbook over a specific period of time, which you choose.

The mask for creating a cashbook entry:

kassabucheintrag verfassen

Figure: mask to create new cashbook entry

The capturing of a cashbook entry is in few steps possible. Choose, in which cashbook the entry should be stored. Afterwards it is necessary to define the invoice date. Subsequently the appropriate invoice text has to be inserted. Enter the gross amount which already contains some tax (gross = net + tax). Then Verpura calculate, according to the type of tax, automatically the net amount.

kassabucheintrag stornieren

Figure: cashbook - bill access

To carry out a cancelling, you have to choose a single receipt. Then you reach the receipt overview. All to this receipt stored information are here apparent for you. With a click on the button “cancel”, you will cancel the corresponding receipt. The cancelling is later comprehensible. With a click on “show cancellations”, you will see all until now transacted cancellations.