Dunning can be viewed and created in the menu [Invoices] - [Dunning]:


Figure: Dunning Overview

Verpura helps you to carry out and to organize dunning. Therefor you can sort your dunning notices after invoices about maturity date, open dunning, archived dunning notices and canceled dunning. Verpura knows four different dunning levels, whereby the last one is thought for the delivery to a collection agency.

The mask for creating a dunning looks like this:

Figure: mask to create dunning

Here you can generate dunnings for outstanding invoices. All invoices who have exceed the due date + additional respite and overrun a minimal total sum are listed under “Invoices over due date”. Choose these invoices for which you want to generate a dunning. You can change days of grace, dunning levels and more in the menupoint [Start] – [Properties] at the tab “Dunning settings”.


Figure: Dunning settings

Here is a short description of the dunning settings:

    Period of grace in days:
    So many days can go by after the due date of the invoice, before the invoice is listed on the dunning overview.
    Amount limit:
    This is the minimal total sum. If the value of an invoice is below this, it will not be listed at the dunnings.
    Tax (%):
    You can set a value (%) for the tax of the dunning.
    Price for dunning:
    Dunning levels consist of four stages. (Dunning Level 1-4) for each dunning level you can enter a fixed amount.
    Interest rate (%):
    For each dunning level you can enter a percentage value.
    Text fr dunning:
    For each dunning level, it includes a dunning text, which will later appear in the PDF.
    Days for due date:
    Defines how long the debitor has time to pay. The next dunning will be generated when this days + the days of grace are over.

You can select the price for dunnings as a fixed value or a percentage (Interest rate). Or you can choose a combination of these two possibilities.

Here an example how a dunning could look as an PDF file. Designs can be changed on request!

Mahnung als PDF

Figure: Dunning as PDF file

As extension to Verpura you can use the interfacesolution from the company Sermocore. Sermocore offers the possibility to transmit all accountings (invoices, offers, orders, and so on) to a corporate client in a digital form. This client can use this data and import it automatically into his programm. The fileformat of the accounting can also be changed - exactly to this format, that your partner company supports. This feature is an extension of vERPura - Contact us for adding this module to your user.