In the menu [START] – [EDIT PROFILE] of Verpura, you can find a section with the name ‘Office365 Settings’ on the lower right part of the mask. And here you can enter your office365 account which will be integrate to Verpura.


Figure: Integrate Office365

You should enter your ID, PASSWORD, Outlook Server and Office Domain. And you will ask from where can I get this data?

The ID and password are the credentials that you use to login into Office365.For the Outlook URL once that you are login into Office365 you have to see the address bar from your browser. In the next capture you can see the Outlook URL is the next:


Figure: Outlook Server

And the Outlook Server is pod51031.

For the Outlook URL you can see also in the address bar when you use Office365 Outlook in a normal browser. The Office Domain is similar. It is the first part of your Office365 Sharepoint(Teamwebsite) URL. For example, the Sharepoint URL is And the Office Domain is rmpersonalrecruiting. You can see on the next image.


Figure: Office Domain

If your Office365 account is an E3 account, you should set your office365 type here to E3-Plan. After you have saved your Office365 settings, you can use the office365 modul of Verpura and you do not need to login with your office365 account.

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