Create spreadsheets at [Office] - [Spreadsheets]


The integrated spreadsheet program in Verpura “Simple Spreadsheet” enables you the creating and editing of tables. Calculate as usual formulas and other matters and save the edited tables as HTML-file online at the Verpura server. The storage in HTML takes a big advantage with it, because document can be displayed in every working browser. If desired, you can export your tables as CSV. Also printing directly in the browser is possible.




Figure: the integrated spreadsheet program in Verpura


Files in Verpura can also be shared with other people. The receiver of a shared File is able to edit the file directly in his browser.


Optionally you can use Excel from Office 365 in Verpura. If you decide to do this, all functions of your booked Office 365 account are available to you in Verpura. Open Excel files in your favourite browser and work in real-time together with your colleagues on your tables. Access to your tables form where and when you want. The only thing you need is an internet connection. Work together on one version of your file and store your file in the cloud, thus version chaos is avoided and sending files back and forth gets unnecessary.


Figure: Excel from Office 365


You can access your Office 365 documents in the menu [FILES] – [PRIVATE FILEMANAGEMENT] in the folder “Office 365 Documents”. In the preferences you can decide if your files should be stored on the Verpura- or on the Microsoft-Servers For further information look here.


When you click on a file in your Office 365 folder, the file will open in the Office 365 Webapp and you can decide in the upper menu if you want to display or edit the Excel File. You can also edit the file with your local Office program. For further information look here.

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