We provide a wide range of Shopify web development services

Shopify stores are completely organized with a plenty of ready-made tools. But the standard features are limited when it comes to building a really unique online store. Our Shopify development team is able to adapt quickly to the specific needs and challenges of our partners. We’re ready to share our own experience, to help the businesses grow further, focused on all required process and outcomes. That’s why the final result is achieved within discussed time and budget.

Partnering with us you offers you:

  • Work with dedicated team of professionals with unique experience working with Shopify 2.0 and Shopify Plus
  • Shopify Store creation and support
  • Custom designed store development
  • Shopify Theme customization
  • Adding custom functionality to the store
  • Optimized solutions
  • Improving the performance and optimizing your website
  • Mobile commerce solutions
  • Creation of custom designed pages and landing pages with custom functionality for better store conversion
  • Service and support - continued development of new and future features
  • Development and implementation of new solutions in existing projects
  • Fixing errors and issues
  • Modernization of an outdated system

Integrations: We'll help connect your Shopify store with business applications to expand your functionality

Cases: We'll help you improve your store user experience. It means that your customers can reach their goals much faster

Reducing path to conversion, if the site has a very rigid conversion path it is difficult for users to find the products they’re looking for quickly.
Customers can find the products that best suit their needs rapidly with the introduction of advanced filtering and search features.
The client wanted to showcase their products through an interactive product gallery that would help customers see these products in the best possible way.
Creation of an inspiration gallery that allows customers to engage with multiple products within an image through the use of interactive hotspots which link through to product pages.
The client wanted to get a customized bundle functionality where the customers could select product options and get a discount on the bundle.
Functional development of linking any several products to bundles, development of the ability to set the price of a bundle so that the customer benefits from the purchase of a bundle.
The client needed to create many landing pages for each influencer.
Development of a page builder where the client could easily make edits and change the design.

Our references

Les Lunes GmbH, Germany

What has been achieved:

  • implemented stores for different countries with their own needs and functionality
  • optimized the files and code structure
  • simplified the site navigation for users
  • the checkout page has been customized
  • developed the custom filters for collections, custom sections and pages
  • developed a support portal, automatic distribution of requests from support (depending on the topic of the request and language)
  • developed the custom sets and their settings, discount systems
We have many other projects in the fashion industry under NDA.