Verpura offers nearshoring ITC services from Kosovo and Ukraine by providing instant solutions as reliable partners.

We build instant teams as per needs of our partners. Over the past years we have successfully establ ished a wide network of programmers and designers with whom we cooperate.

We provide superior services to our partners, who are satisfied with our services in quality and time of delivery.

Our Austrian managing director is also general sworn and court certified expert and can help as interface to the near-shoring developers.

We bring:

20 years of experience

Flexible & Customizable solutions

Wide range of ICT services

Services to the European clients from our offices in:


Lviv LvivUkraine

Prishtina PristinaKosovo

We are specialized in:

Java EE8, Spring MVC, JSP, Servlets, Apache Tomcat

.Net/.Net Core (WPF, ASP.NET/Core MVC, Entity/Core framework)

Microsoft SQL Server

JavascriptES6+, HTML5, CSS3, Angular2+, React, Typescript

C#, Unity, Firebase Authentication, Google Firestore

Azure SQL Server, Mirror Networking, ASP.NET, QuickFix, AppsFlyer

Facebook Analytics, Dependency Injection

CMS- and E-Commerce systems, CRM and ERP development

Cross-platform solutions

Thin Client Applications (Server-Client, SOAP, REST, EDI)

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, On-Prem

Agile approach to the software development life cycle based on Scrum Framework

Cloud based software development 19+ yearsOf experience