Change your Office 365 passsword

When you are logged into your Office 365 account, if you click on the Settings Button and select Office 365 Settings.


Office 365 Settings

Figure: Select Office 365 Settings


Then you will see a section on your left hand call “Office 365 Settings” that contains different sections, one of them is call password.


Office 365 Settings

Figure: Select Password section


Then click on it and you will be in another page where you will see three text fields. The first one where you have two enter your current password and two more for entering your new password.



Office 365 new Password

Figure: Specify new Office 365 Password


By clicking “Save” consequently you have changed your Office 365 password. So that means that next time when you will log into the Office 365 you have to type your new password. But that´s not everything.


In addition to the previous steps you should change in Verpura your Office 365 password. How? Use your credentials to login into, then visit the section "Office365 Settings" in [START] - [EDIT PROFILE]. There you should change your Office365 Password to the new one that you have set before.


Verpura Office 365 Settings

Figure: Set your new Office 365 Password in Verpura


If you see the image above you have to enter twice the new password. Finally click on “Save Office365 settings”.

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