Which version of Office 365 should You choose?

We want to explain you the difference between the Office365 versions. Microsoft is different in the three editions of Small Business and Midsize Business Enterprise that are optimized to different sized companies.

Are you a small business with 1-10 employees?
Then three deals are good for you and that Office 365 Small Business Plans Office 365 Small Business with a price of € 3.3 per user per month for Exchange, € 4.9 per month for small business including Webapps and € 10.40 for Office 365 Small Business Premium per user per month. With annual payment, you pay only 10 months and use it for 12 months.

The main difference between these plans is that the Office 365 Small Business Premium plan gives you the right to download and install the desktop version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 (containing Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher and Lync) on up to 5 devices per user. If you want to install Microsoft Office on a Mac you can download and install Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 which includes Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. The Premium plan is great if you want to subscribe to all the services and the Office productivity suite all together, however, if you have the full desktop version of Microsoft Office already (licensed in some other way), or if you believe you can get by using only the Office Web Apps, you can go for the less expensive Office 365 Small Business plan.

The services that are included in the Small Business plans include hosted email, calendar, contacts and tasks (using Exchange Online), Intranet and Internet web sites (using SharePoint Online), offline document synchronization (using SkyDrive Pro), online instant messaging, and High-Definition video conferencing and screen sharing (using Lync Online). For a complete list of features below: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj819267.aspx

Are you a mid-size business with up to 250 employees?

If you have more than 25 employees in the near future is Office 365 Midsize Business Office 365 Midsize Business the better solution. It lasts for up to 250 users and costs € 12.30 per user per month. Office 365 Midsize Business also includes the desktop version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013.

Office 365 Midsize Business including, without limitation more IT management tools that are optimized for business of this size. There is no Office 365 Midsize Business plan without the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 subscription. If you don’t want to include the desktop Office suite you can select the Office 365 Enterprise E1 plan (€ 6.5 per user per month).

Are you an Enterprise with more than 250 employees?

Then Office 365 Enterprise E3 (€ 19 per user per month) is the best. Office 365 Entrerprise E3 The E3 plan include the desktop Office suite Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 subscription.

The Enterprise plans of Office 365 provide you with tools to manage a large number of employees. With the Enterprise plans you can create up to 3000 site collections on SharePoint Online, you have more advanced email administrative functionality, and more flexible deployment options.

A full comparision can be found at Office 365 business plans .

Please note that a subsequent change of Office 365 Small Business to Midsize Business or Enterprise is not possible.

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