In reference to the fast moving character of the IT business, we see a constant exchange of information as essential. In our point of view, this can only be done by building up strong relationships with successful, competent and highly customer-oriented business partners. We look forwards to introduce to you following companies as “official VERPURA partners”:

Certified Verpura Partner



179476_1695524920857_1619859406_1615206_751613_n priller


Ing. Florian Gumpinger, Dr. Klaus Priller

Turning a hobby into a career is a great thing. Working with PCs and Software is one of them. I offer my IT-services to everyone who wants to have an individual PC/NB-Configuration, so that working with computers is fun again and who wants to put technology to practical use.


Other Partner


Office365® is integrated in Verpura – files, contacts and emails would be synchronized between Office365® and Verpura. We are also Microsoft parnters – we can help you in ordering, customizing, rollout and training of Office365®.




Tomer Siman Tow (Head of Development), Daria Aharoni (CEO itc Tech Systems, Israel), Ing. Florian Gumpinger, Alon Fish (Product Manager)






Mag. Günther Singer, Ing. Florian Gumpinger, DI Nicholas Sridharan




Ing. Florian Gumpinger, Herbert Wolf, Stefan Niederwimmer


We are member of BNI-Chapter Donauwelle. Find our websites under:

BNI 42

We are member of the Hagenberg Cloud Computing Association. This society wants to bring forward cloud computing.

Hagenberg Cloud Computing Association (HCCA)

sermocore Logo

The company sermocore Software & Consulting offers services for the sector outputmanagement/EDI (electronic data interchange). One interface - all services: You can transmit your accountings by the Verpura interface to sermocore and following you can send them by post, fax, EDI or email to your business partners.


Rise2Reality Software, founded in Hagenberg Softwarepark in 2009, is a One-Stop-Shop for development of concepts and web strategy and web software and mobile web apps through innovation, quality and speed.

The focus is on:
- Cloud development, Web Software und Mobile Web Apps
- Creation of interactive websites and web software
- Large Apps by Java Enterprise Software Development.

Powerfibu Logo

CEO POWER-Software GmbH is the partner in financial and asset accounting. The company was founded in 1968 and has many years of experience in this area.

With POWEFIBU offers the enterprise capable of mandator, independent of branch and intuitively serveable. Financial accounting. Naturally POWEFIBU disposes of a smooth interface to the Verpura-Product management.

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